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The know-how of DRUCKER, creator of furniture in rattan, especially the French bistro chair, is passed on from generation to generation since the 19th century. From the beginning, creativeness has been Drucker’s first concern with the permanent concern to keep the best of past while creating relentlessly with the best material available. Drucker’s bistro chairs have become over time a symbol of the Parisian identity.

They are inseparable from the brand image and the personality of the most prestigious institutions.

Today decorators from around the world work with Drucker for the use of the private individuals, to equip porches and winter gardens, to dress the kitchens of magnificent colors in the spirit ” Parisian bar “.

Drucker manufactures custom products : it means that when you ask Drucker to create your furniture, you choose their shape, their colors and their pattern, creating your personalized design.

Close to Crépy-en-Valois (access by N2 of Paris), Maison Drucker is situated to Gilocourt and would be delighted to welcome you (only by appointment). To contact us, click here.

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